Voluntary Peanut Allergy Survey: For both allergy and non-allergy moms


  Dear Moms:   I am writing to request your participation in a survey, which is part of a research project I am conducting in partial fulfillment of the required course work for the Master of Science in Nursing program at Southeastern Louisiana University. The purpose of this survey is to examine the relationship between […]

Welcoming #2! #sponsored

Emmeline Newborn

Baby number two joined our family right before Santa came. With that comes a lot of “seconds”. Second birth, second drive home from the hospital, and all of those other second child syndrome things. You have learned enough from the first child to feel a bit better about what you are doing but after all […]

Jake and Sofia in NOLA December 11 and 12 ONLY!!


Yup that is right, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First are in New Orleans! Save the trip to Disney and take a break from the Christmas festivities for Disney Junior Live playing this weekend at the UNO Lakefront Arena! Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, for Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure Presented by […]

Product Review: Rug Pad Corner


My husband and I recently took on a large renovation to our home. By large I mean that we added a second floor. We thought about moving but we could not find what we were looking for in the area we wanted to stay in. So we converted our home to be the home that […]

Remembering The Details of Caring for a Newborn #sponsored


Motherhood is a wonderful and blissful time but it is also really scary. When you are pregnant there are books that can guide you through what to eat, how much water to drink and how to support your growing baby. When you are in the hospital for delivery there is a skilled medical monitoring everything […]

New Orleans Moms Blog: Halloween is the Scariest Holiday…And Not for the Reasons You Think


Check out my post today on New Orleans Moms Blog: Halloween is the Scariest Holiday…And Not for the Reasons You Think

Cascade Platinum Gives Me the Gift of Time Back #sponsored

Cascade FINAL

We have been working on a major house renovation for the past few months. We are adding a second floor to our house. Because of the extent of this project, it means that there are quite a few workers in and out of our house routinely. They are doing things with drills, buffers, grinders, and […]

New Orleans Moms Blog: Ugh, maternity clothes.

Check out my post today on New Orleans Moms Blog. I am struggling with maternity clothes this pregnancy. There are so many things about maternity clothes that are awful…bows and belts!

Review: Good Eggs NOLA


I love little secret gems that NOLA has to offer. But sometimes the gems shouldn’t be so secret because they are so GOOD! Well I want to share with you about Good Eggs NOLA. Think of it like Amazon Prime or Target Subscriptions of local, fresh produce. You go to their website and check out […]

New Orleans Moms Blog: Lower Expectations for Baby #2?


Check out my post today on New Orleans Moms Blog on having lower expectations of bliss for the second child.